Thursday, October 11, 2012

So far behind...

 Camden's giggle is contagious
 Tori and Blayke visit
 his legs are funny

 Carson is 7! We rented a sports warehouse and ordered JDawgs for his big day.  22 boys came to play dodgeball, wii and batting cages - it was a fun day.

 the cookie goes IN your mouth
 FireBirds - Carson's soccer team with coach Trent.
Sunday Mass with these 3

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Park City, UT

For Camden's 4th Birthday we had a POOL party in Park City, UT.  The pool was heated to 90 degrees, our neighbors, and cousins came, we let the kids sleep over in our room - Cam had a blast!
 We stayed at Hotel Park City this trip.  They had messed up our reservation but we ended up with a 2 bedroom suite, a suite for our friends and another suite that was poolside - so they really made up for their mistake!  The pool was perfect for the kids and always a beautiful setting.
 Dave and Lauren
 Party Goers
 These two and their 'swimmer buddies'
 We ate at Maxwell's for dinner - it was perfect for a party of 20, mostly kids.  They serve New York style Pizza - Buffalo Wing Chicken and Blue Cheese - YUM!
 Camden and Lauren
 Jen made Cam a South African cake - so good.  Greek yogurt, granola bar, and blueberries.
 Look at Ethan's face - hilarious!
John and Ross
Cam's Birthday invite!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

The Gyuro's invited us to Isla with their family and friends for a few days.  They have a beautiful house on the island and an extra room so we jumped on a plane and headed south.  It was really great.  The island is very small, the beaches are beautiful, the food was amazing (because they know where to eat), Tom had arranged for a car to pick us up at the airport and drop us off at the ferry, catered dinners to celebrate birthday's and Colton graduating from college, fishing trips, and a day excursion to Garrafon.  We will take the kids back next time.  Tom had a golf cart for us upon arrival (as that is the means of transport on the island - kids would love that)! Everything was so well organized and it was SO nice to just enjoy and not have to think about the details.
Tom, Cori, Colton, Hailee and Ellie
I didn't get photos of everyone - my phone was not working and some of the ones from John's were way too dark.  I wish the one of Hailee doing her split handstand to split would have turned out.  I also didn't get all of the kids or Heather, Kevin and Tom...until next time.
Deep Sea fishing was on the itinerary for the first day.  The guys went out and caught some fish for the party that night.

Tom and Kevin's dad.
John bringin' home the bacon.
So, in the background you can see the grounds of this amazing property.  The pool is behind me, the band setup just down below under the pergola and then they brought in some tables and chairs.
Fire Dancer
Taylor, birthday girl, and Jill
He was one of the caterers at the party but John took this picture the following night at the owners restaurant.  This restaurant has such great food (Lola's) and they catered both nights for the house parties.  I guess this is how they do shots in Mexico - domino style!
Dinner and dancing - Cory and Colton woopin' it up.
A little bit of country swing - I had to show Colton how they do it in Jackson Hole.
On our last day everyone went to Garrafon
It is the islands Natural Reef Park.  The sand and the water are beautiful.  We did the zipline, snorkel and had a quick bite before we had to head to the ferry.

I had no idea what to do with my hair - I didn't take shampoo, conditioner or a blow dryer - jeez!
This guy is so fat.  They said at certain times of the year when it is really really hot there are so many of them you can't even drive your golf cart.  I think we probably ate one at some point but it tasted like chicken to me!

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Aloha! Kannapali Beach Maui

We spent 3 weeks in Maui for part of the boys spring break.  I went a few days early to meet up with my friend Susannah and her 2 boys (plus she is prego - with a baby girl)!  John came in a few days later and and left a little earlier than us.  It was a great trip...a little bit long but wonderful.

 baby beach - fun beach, shallow, no waves, but no bathrooms
 Dinner at Leilani's and this is what they are doing while waiting for our table.
 beach day
 lots of boys
 No shoes needed in Maui - gotta love it!

 Every Friday night they have a big screen movie night next door to us so we go over and enjoy a little cinema action on the ocean. 
 Yes, mother he can breathe!  Cam became the super duper swimmer of the island.
 oceanfront playground across from my favorite little farmers market and grocery store
 Crew definitely has the spirit of Maui down to a T.
 Sexy and I know it!
 Owner's gathering - these guys are so great, so nice, all retired, and love our kids cause they remind them of their grandchildren.

 Sand, sand and more sand.  Cam likes to just put his head in the sand and pretend he is a bulldozer - lots of fun getting that out of his curly locks.
 Football, baseball, soccer - 3 hours a day!
 Diving - the guy in the group happened to have friends in Jackson - small world.
 Finally, Carson gives in to a nap.
 We 'practiced a LOT of Aloha' - love the wine glasses and the root beer is made locally (no high fructose corn syrup)

3 little beach boys